Patrick Lane's 'Red Dog'

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The “wild west”. Small community arrises in the Okanagan Valley around 50s. To think of this place as a nice one, is a big mistake. Unrelenting violence, crime and poverty are synonyms of Okanagan Valley at this time. The Patrick Lane’s novel “Red Dog, Red Dog” gives reader a look, of how one of the darkest examples of humanity, Stark family, lives it’s life. This story is about a mix of unnatural violence and historical reality. It show an example of ideological wild west situation. Ideology is mostly known as a set of beliefs and values that support a group vision. While some ideologies such as Christianity known to have good rules and ideas, like one of the tenth commandments that say: “Thou shalt not kill” there is nothing really bright…show more content…
An ideology described as, socialism with the goal of a classless society. Which principles mostly included labor theory of value, a class struggle and a proletariat dictatorship. A classical picture of midwest of those times. In “Red Dog, Red Dog” Marxism ideology can be seen throughout a whole novel. Such as difference in classes. Poverty and miserable live because of capitalist ideology. Eventually, everybody's individualism issue that deals with inherent worth of each individual and focuses on self-sufficiency and freedom. These three main ideologies can be seen in Lane’s story apart from feminism, violence and grim of main characters. It really gives a great example of how author greatly describes time and place that Okanagan valley was in the late 50s. Even thought many authors see and say that Patrick Lane’s novel: “combines elements of the supernatural with elements of reality in an exploration of the dark side of human behaviour and psychology.” (Mark Diotte), the book is not only focuses on psychological aspect of people lives. I think, it provides a much deeper understanding of society and ideology of this…show more content…
Difference in classes. Poverty and miserable live because of capitalist ideology and eventually, everybody's individualism issue, all this leads to obvious conclusion. Patrick Lane does a great job of setting an atmosphere of this time, letting us truly understand the conditions people lived at this time. They were desperate to get a job and no longer lived on the land where they could feed and clothe themselves. They needed work to live, but jobs were hard to find. Working conditions were usually terrible, wages were low and everyone could easily be replaced. Stark’s family fate is violent, cruel and gloom. Most authors see Patrick Lane’s creation as a contribution to the beginning of a West Coast gothic tradition in Canada, which is true, but I also see a great historical and cultural emphasis of ideology of this time. His novel shows how awful and cruel life can be. The book is meant for heavy reading, since the weight this story carries is hard to understand and unimaginable to live trough. It tells about a cultural shock those people had and different the life was from what we have right now. It’s truly hard to contrast the Okanagan we can see right now with all orchards, beaches and award-winning vineyards it has. Synonymous of the idyllic countryside, being referred in a past as a place full of secrets, dog fighting, rape, incest, murder and child abuse. It is an outstanding achievement

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