How Did The First Americans Reach The New World

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The Europeans looked at the New World as a place for exploration and a place to settle. The Spanish, French, and English were the first to colonize the New World. They each influenced the New World in many ways including socially, economically, and religiously. The first Europeans to reach the new world were the Spanish. The Spanish settled in Mexico, modern day Southwest America (California, Texas, Arkansas, etc.), Florida, and parts of Central America. The Spanish started in the Caribbean then Central and South America. The most important thing for them was the conquest of the Aztecs by Cortex (1521) and the Incas by Pizarro (1531). From the Spanish, the Native Americans learned about new tools, how to grow food, and how to raise sheep. Many of the Native Americans converted to Catholicism and those that did not were harshly beaten. The Spanish learned new farming techniques from the Native Americans and used them for harsh slave labor. The Spanish brought disease and death to the New World.…show more content…
The French settled in Quebec (1608) and Montreal (1642), what would later become known as Canada. They controlled the St. Lawrence Valley and access to the interior of North America. The French developed fur trades when in North America. Before the end of the century, French traders were returning to sites annually for trading furs once fur trade had become popular. Furs were traded for axes, knives, copper kettles, cloth, and glass beads. The Native Americans and the French were business partners and friendly with each other. The Huron were allies, but the Iroquois were enemies. The economic and diplomatic situations as well as the Iroquois reactions shaped the history for New France the rest of the

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