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Seeking for a Better World, between Dream and Reality You might have heard the song “Are We a Nation?”, and its lyrics: “We all deserve justice and equality”. This conveys a strong emotion, and enables us to further understand the reason why immigrants run away from their country of origin. They desire to reach a certain happiness, and pursue their wish of improving the quality of their lives. Although their journey might be full of pitfalls, they still fight for their shared dream, and do everything in their power so it could become a reality. We can also notice the melodic rhythm throughout Junot Diaz’s book, Drown, via the use of Spanish words. This musical feel makes us, readers, travel to a foreign country: Dominican Republic, where the…show more content…
Many of them arrive on this Promised Land illegally before establishing, and adapting themselves to this new country’s culture. However, this one can interfere with their beliefs, and it could be a culture shock. In Drown, we follow the story of a family immigrating to New York through a young man’s perspective, Yunior. After being caught having an affair, his father flew away, and takes on his way family money to begin in the United States. Even though his family is waiting for him, and believes he is sacrificing himself for them, he actually marries an American woman, who gives birth to their child, with the main goal to obtain the citizenship. It is a fresh start for him, and he is officially recognized as a U.S. citizen. It seems therefore that he not only left, and cheated on his family, but also abandons them to their fate. Meanwhile, the wife has to deal with everything, and support her children while being “poor”, as the narrator states in “Aguantando”, Drown (70). She worked a lot to provide her children a decent home. She was exhausted after her day, and could not do a thing: “We could never get Mami to do anything after work, even cook dinner, if she didn’t first sit awhile in her rocking chair. She didn’t want to hear nothing about our problems,…show more content…
At the beginning, the husband is euphoric, and cannot wait to conquer this new territory, while his wife has to take care of everything he left behind. We learn then, his story, and how he lost his mind. We might interpret the whole immigration’s process through some fundamentals stages. The first one is the incubation, which is the excitement he felt when he first entered the U.S. The second stage could be described as a crises occurring in his daily life. He lost his identity, and try in vain to find a new one by rejecting his previous life, wife, and children. Then, he entered the third stage, when pleasure is met. He found a certain psychological balance, and peace when marrying the American woman, and starting a family with her. The fourth, and last stage is when he realizes the new culture, namely the American one, has both drawbacks, and benefits. Notwithstanding the character is quite unstable so we are not entirely sure he successfully adapt himself to the U.S., or he belongs fully to this

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