Any Minute Mom Should Come Blasting Through The Door Summary

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In the short story, “Any Minute Mom Should Come Blasting Through the Door” by David Ordan, the mother of a sorry son and the wife of a non-affectionate husband, passes away. While the mom was alive, the son and the husband both took her for granted and didn’t show any affection or any signs that they cared for her. When she died, the son tried to save her, and when he wasn’t able to, he and his father simply moved on with their lives. However, the father and son in this short story didn’t realize how much their mother meant to them until she passed away. In the short story, the father showed that he didn’t care or have interest in his wife. his wife did everything for him and his son, though he still didn’t seem to care, she was just and object to him. When she showed her husband a peek of herself by opening her robe, he didn’t seem interested in her anymore. Instead of showing some sign of affection, he demanded her to make him…show more content…
Neither the father nor the son think about themselves in a selfish way, but they started to think about themselves in a regretful way. They started to think about the mother and that was all they could think about now that she’s gone. “He cares about the kitchen, the robe, the things I did to try to save his wife,” (Ordan 1). The father no longer cares about anything else. Without his wife, he is alone and doesn’t know what to do or how to do anything. He wishes that maybe he would’ve learned from his wife, helped her and cared for her so he would be able to take care of himself when she would be gone. In the last line, he asked his son a question. “‘Tell me,’ he says, ‘is that really how you want to remember your mother?’” (Ordan 1). The father doesn’t want him and his son to remember her as a servant or an object, they want to remember her as an actual person who they loved and now miss dearly. But they can’t do that because they took her for granted and they can’t take anything

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