Death Grips Chaotic Song Beware

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We have all come across scary things in life. Maybe we heard a noise coming from a seemingly empty room. Maybe we saw a dark figure dash away from the corner of your eye. Have you ever been afraid of yourself? Us, as human beings, are capable of the most incredible things, as well as the most sinister things. In Death Grips’ chaotic song “Beware”, enigmatic frontman MC Ride tells the tale of one’s slow rise to power as a monster among men. While the song itself sounds quite terrifying, the lyrics “I light my torch and burn it, I am the beast I worship” struck me as a fascinating way to describe how one takes their inner demons, which can be seen as good to some and bad to others, and using it to their own advantage. As someone who has faced many trials in life, the lyric embodies who I would like to be in the future because it shows that not only can I create peace with both myself…show more content…
The obvious first interpretation is that the speaker is referring to lighting some form of drugs. The second interpretation is more symbolic and refers to one’s mind and conscience. The lighting of the torch means that one should be aware. The light illuminates what was previously dark and undiscoverable. The two previous lyrics “I close my eyes and seize it, I clench my fists and beat it” help give a better understanding of the chorus as a whole and sets the scene of the narrator’s slow and eye opening acceptance of what he wants. He also seems to accept death as a natural occurrence and feels that this knowledge will benefit him. “It” in the first instance most likely refers to a greater person than him, possibly a god. The narrator sees himself as his only savior and will beat down those who he once turned to for guidance. In the second instance, “it” refers to his metaphorical torch. When he beats down these deities and illuminates his mind’s eye to achieve his goal of domination, it is a

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