Essay About The Causes Of The French Revolution

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The causes of the French revolution were multifaceted. In France not only was the political order was absolute chaos but social causes. Many a reasons caused such a beautiful country to turn into such an appalling revolution. The King. The king was one of the main reasons the revolution had begun. Although he had many advisors he mistook what it meant to have limitations on complete power. He was in fact an absolute monarch. He was quite young and felt himself too young to take on the role of ruling a country. That being said he was indecisive when decisions had to be made because he wanted everyone to be happy, however everyone mostly consisted the nobles and not the actual people of his country. When the nobles had heard of his ideas they were quite brave by criticising the king because in that time of France the king had…show more content…
France had three estates. The first estate was made up of the clergy, which is formed with bishops and archbishops all the way to priests. The clergy’s job was to pray for the king and kingdom so they were much more wealthy than nearly everyone other than the king. The second estate consisted of the nobility. The third estate consisted of everyone else. This included, peasants, doctors, farmers and business men. The clergy took up 0.6% of the population, as well as the nobles which took up 0.4%. Meanwhile everyone took up 90% of the population, while paying a massive expense of tax. This social order caused much anarchy with people of France. While everyone else struggled to feed themselves, the other estates weren’t paying tax and eating lavish meals. The influence of the Enlightenment effected the people’s optimism and confidence. It gave them a clear of mind of what should be happening to improve the financial and the society of France. Many people had started to become more aware on how toxic France had become and wanted to change

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