How Did Roman Influence Greek Culture

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After Rome conquered the Greek nation, much of the Greek culture was absorbed by the Romans, it seemed as though the Romans simply assimilated a large majority of the Greek Culture, including religion. Military Influence One area that was massively influenced was the training of soldiers, the Spartans were known as a warrior nation and as a result, according to Greekreporter, (2013) Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony trained their soldiers using Spartan style military tactics. Religion According to Morey, W. (1901), the Romans adopted much of the Greek religion, including their gods. Morey, W. (1901) reiterated that the Romans just renamed many of the Grecian gods and added more gods from other cultures as they saw fit. Several cultures were represented including, Asia and…show more content…
Morey, W. (1901), wrote that the educated foreigners were often brought back to Rome as slaves to teach the children of Roman citizens and to write books. Literature arrives Before the Greeks were conquered there was very little in the way of literature, after the First Punic war, was when the first books were written by Roman scholars which had been practically nonexistent before. It is said that Naevius, wrote the first poem after the First Punic war. Even most of the Roman comedies had their roots in Grecian culture. The art was also profoundly influenced. Roman Art and Architecture Influenced Greece touched almost every part of Roman culture and influenced the arts heavily, while the Romans buildings were primarily influenced by the Etruscans from whom they had adapted the arches, they liked the Greek style sculptures and even adorned many buildings with Grecian influenced art. Guisepi (n.d.) reports that many wealthy Romans hired Greek artists to paint murals in their homes and to create sculptures for them to display.

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