Miles Davis's Influence On Jazz

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Nine-times Grammy award winner, jazz musician, trumpeter, bandleader, and composer, Miles Davis had a grand and significant role in the development of Jazz and is considered one of the most influential musician, leaving his legacy behind. Along with his musical groups, Miles Davis was the leading and main reason to numerous great developments of Jazz, such as bebop, jazz-fusion, hard bop, and cool jazz. And yet, his sounds went on to influence many other later styles of music, such as pop and R&B. From an early age, and with the helping hand of his father, Miles Davis was on a high road and became one of the most essential historical figures of Jazz. In May 26, 1926, Miles Davis was born to a wealthy African American family, in Illinois, where his father, Miles Henry Davis, was his…show more content…
And yet, he remained successful throught his remaining years. Overtime, Miles Davis changed his style and proved other of his capabilities as he recorded many albums, which were a great success and even best-selling. As a result, was the first Jazz musician to be on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine. His work in jazz fusion was not appreciated by his traditional fans, and he was critisized by Marsalis, a fellow trumpeter whom has a strong feud going on between him and Davis. Davis, in 1981, got married with Tylson, an american actresswho aided him get out of drugs. In year 1986 and year 1989, Davis, yet again, won two Grammy awards for his irreplacable and valuable work. In 1990, for his incredible work and undeniably wonderful music, Miles acheived a great achievement, that of winning a Lifetime Achievements Grammy Award, and a year later, performed Montreux Jazz Festival. As one can see, Miles Davis had a successful life, sharing his passion with the world, and imposing and having a greate influence on

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