Responsibility In Ernest Gaines A Lesson Before Dying

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Everyone has a responsibility in this world. No matter the weight of the task, responsibilities hold a big burden on people's lives. Responsibilities to families and ourselves are able to control certain emotions, this is perceived by the reader in the novel, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines. He tells the story of Grant, an educated black man in Louisiana who is told that he needs to help an uneducated black man Jefferson, who was wrongly accused of white man's murder. Miss Emma trusts Grant with her most prized possession and prove to Jefferson he can do something for Miss Emma before he passes away. Also Grant is a school teacher who feels a commitment to the children to make them strong men and women despite their surroundings. Through…show more content…
Denying responsibility is one of the first things that occurs when one cannot understand how to complete the task. This will result in consequences. People tend to deny their ability to do something that they can accomplish. Miss Emma asks Grant to turn Jefferson into a man. He cannot wrap his mind around how he is suppose to go about this. As Jefferson is talking about how to do this with Vivian he says, “ Do I know how a man is supposed to die? I’m still trying to find out how a man should live. Am I supposed to tell someone how to die who has never lived?” ( Gaines 31). Not only is Grant incapable of thinking that he can accomplish this task, he has no faith in Jefferson either. Gaines uses a person vs. self conflict to enhance the weight responsibility holds over someone. The weight of the responsibility results in consequences. Grants commitment is turning him to have a pessimistic attitude, he is not able to comprehend his ability to complete his duty. This previews the consequences of not executing a task. Grants pessimistic attitude is the consequence he receives, and as his lack of commitment continues so will his consequences. Not only does Grant lack commitment to Jefferson and Miss Emma, he also lacks

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