Comparison Of The Yellow Wallpaper Vs. The Lottery

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Women's rights in America were untouched until The Woman's Rights movement in 1848; voting rights only being established years later in the 1920's. Throughout that time there were many women authors trying to fight for their rights through what they did best, writing. The Yellow Wallpaper is one of those works of art published to cast some light on how woman were treated early in the movement. While The Lottery, being written decades after voting rights were in place, does not directly point out women's rights it does subtly show some unfairness towards them in their traditions. The Yellow Wallpaper and The Lottery are completely different stories, however through themes, characters, and symbolism they share many commonalities. The Lottery and The Yellow wallpaper's both share a female character being singled out and ultimately ended in the end of the short story. Both women start in the story as "normal," however they are both set apart from the crowd right off the bat in some way. They are looked at as unusual when they see themselves exactly the same as the other characters in the story.…show more content…
She is frazzled, late, and seemingly uncaring. Claiming she "clean forgot what day it was" she arrived late to the lottery; an event that is the center of attention in town that day. Due to her lack of punctuality, attention is shifted to her as people move to accommodate her. Opposed to the other women in the community who arrive on time and in an orderly fashion, joining their husbands quietly, Tessie is hurried and seems like the lottery is nothing to

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