How Did Egyptians Build Pyramids Of Giza

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Egyptian architectural skills are far more advanced than anything we human have seen before.The egyptians built many monuments that are recalled throughout history.People wonder why the egyptian build this massive monuments and how.We have finally analyzed all the evidence and ancient artifacts of how the egyptians built the the mighty pyramids of giza, the great sphinx of giza, how they built their temples and there statues of great height and mass.The pyramids of giza is one of the most recognizable monuments known to man, but they didn't always look like the way they looked like now.People still have theories of how the pyramids were made, like stories of aliens coming down from space to build the pyramids for there uses.The pyramids were built with a plan that would be mapped when the new pharaoh comes in to rule and the process is long. The pyramids were hewed out of quarries with stone and copper tools.The pyramids were made out of limestone that came from these quarries the egyptians made.After the limestone was cut out of the ground the blocks were hauled onto

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