How Does Daisy Change In The Great Gatsby

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What is affection? Is it when somebody is so obsessed with a certain person that they would do just about anything for them? Gatsby loves Daisy as this flawless being as opposed to a women that Gatsby really adores. He is in love with the girl he met in the past not the girl that Daisy has become. Gatsby is not willing to admit or see that Daisy has proceeded onward with her life and he doesn't even appear to acknowledge the fact that Daisy has since gotten married and has had a kid of her own. Gatsby is in a dreamlike existence with Daisy as though he ventured back in time when they initially met. Gatsby's feeling are pure obsession because he thinks Daisy and him are deeply in love, he doesn't notice anything around Daisy, and he doesn't think Daisy has a real life that she is obligated to. Gatsby continues remembering and trying to relive the past and he really thinks Daisy and him are back in the past and they are in love with each other. Gatsby feels as though Daisy loves him as much as he loves her. It isn't exactly ok that Gatsby doesn't understand she has changed and he is still living in this world where he can't characterize the past from the present. Nick…show more content…
He thinks that Daisy's only concern is him. Gatsby also thinks that there is nothing he could possible do that could cause a problem with him and Daisy. Gatsby thinks that Daisy is married not because she loves Tom, but because she was forced into it. Daisy does say that she loved them both. She said, "I did love him once-but I loved you too"(140). Gatsby thinks that he has to prove himself to Daisy in some way and the only thing he can think to do is buy her things. Gatsby doesn't understand none of these things will change the way she feels for Tom. No matter what Gatsby tries to do or buy for Daisy he doesn't understand the fact that Daisy is married now and in love with Tom and buying her things is not going to change
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