How Did Jack London Use Naturalism In The Call Of The Wild

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Theme Developed Through Chapter Titles in The Call of the Wild No living things on Earth can escape nature’s dramatic, powerful force. They are all affected by nature and cannot avoid it. All living things are procreated; they grow, age, and eventually die. Creatures on Earth naturally adapt to their climate, situation, and surroundings to survive. In the wild, living creatures must adapt in any way possible to survive, even if that results to eating one of their own kind. Humans adjust in order to adapt to their surroundings to survive, while animals have to adapt instinctively. London observed all living creatures, he was a voracious writer and closely paid attention to all of those around him. Jack London uses Naturalism and Realism in literature to detach the characters in the story Call of the Wild and to make the scenes in the story accurate and descriptive. He does this by making the main characters in the story dogs, which detaches them from humans, and talks about the Santa Clara Valley multiple times in great detail. The themes in Jack London’s story the Call of the Wild are developed by his understanding of naturalism and realism in literature, and by the way he chooses to name his chapters.…show more content…
It is orderly, dependable, the rules were fair, and he was treated well. After being stolen and sold his life has turned into chaos. Buck is in the wild now, and life in the wild is not fair, nor orderly. He must learn to adjust accordingly to survive, and luckily he catches on quickly. All in all, Buck's life is turned upside down; and quickly turns from civilized to

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