A Big Break By Dummon Davis Analysis

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Generally, some people are born with very little to live by; some individuals are fortunate enough to have it all: financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Nevertheless, life is all about choices, we have the power to change our lives around no matter how many challenges and tribulations we may have faced along the way. In the long run, good and bad choices that we make will eventually guide us to shape ourselves and our lives. No matter how or whoever initiates the situations, the choices we make is ultimately our own responsibility because we have the liberty to say “NO” at any given time. However, taking responsibility for our own actions can be a very thought-provoking and lifelong process, but it is somehow necessary if we…show more content…
In The Pact, Davis states that George has greater luck because he remains focused and always believes that something extraordinary could have happen to him if he continues to believe in himself. George’s positivity in life influences and inspires Davis to become optimistic as well regardless of his traumatizing experiences and challenges in life. As a matter of fact, Davis’ high school years is quite challenging for him. Even though he is working at Mc Donald’s, his income is not enough to get him by. He has to hustle to get what he wants unlawfully; and has that hunger feeling for more which will eventually lead him into distressful situations. Choosing wrong friends and having that territorial or toughness mentality will not help him at all either, instead; Davis is heading into too much trouble but will manage to get away numerous times until his arrest. Thankfully, Davis acknowledges his mistakes when he is given “A Big…show more content…
For example: Sam and his friend, Frank decided to hang out and walked around their neighborhood. They came too close to being a casualty of the madness because they refused to give $2 to a drug-addict and armed man. This man sounded so desperate where he pointed the gun at them, but they both remained tough and ignored the mad man. Although Sam was aware that his life was leading him to the opposite direction, he continued to hang out with the same friends who were up to no good. Sam committed another mistake when he agreed to become a partner to a small time drug dealing business with one of his friends, but he eased his way out after making some quick cash. Sam recognized his mistakes even though he liked the idea of getting quick cash because he was able to buy his own car, the car that almost ruined his entire future. Additionally, Sam made another faulty decision when his three other friends came up with a moneymaking scheme by robbing young and amateur drug dealers around Newark and its neighboring cities where there were hot drug markets. This group was formed with two teenagers, one was 15 years old, Sam was seventeen, and the other 2 were inotheir twenties. The first two occasions when they drove around Newark and robbed inexperienced drug dealers went well. Sadly,

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