What Does Softball Mean To Me Essay

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Every young person has a dream of being involved in sports for at least one moment in their life. For some, the dream is soon an actuality, but for others, the dream is left unspoken. Some parents push their children into sports but other kids choose to play. If the kid feels they are good, then they may continue, but if sports just don’t click, then it may be time to quit. Sometimes, the best motivation is the friends who were involved. I know that the only reason I even considered and began to love sports as a child was because of my friends. If it weren’t for my friends, I wouldn’t have realized that sports can be fun, despite the challenges and long practices that made you want to quit. Sports were significant in my life for several reasons such as giving me friends, teaching me that there will always be wins but even more…show more content…
That conversation provoked my thoughts about being involved in sports and I decided to pursue softball in the summer. In the Midwest, softball and baseball is a very widely known sport. Everyone there loves to watch baseball even if they don’t play it. However, playing the game is always much more intriguing than watching. Choosing to play softball was one of my best and eventually favorite decisions. The first year, I didn’t get to be on a team with all of my friends. In fact, too many of my friends went out; they were split between two teams who soon became rivals. The first practice was approaching quickly, and I was cramming as much knowledge into my brain beforehand so I wouldn’t feel so stupid. Turns out, the team I had was full of girls who didn’t know what they were doing, or seem to have a strong interest in it either. They were a little bit like me; parents had forced them into playing because they obsessively worried about their social lives and growing life skills to interact with people and stay

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