How Are George Milton And Lennie Different

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The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck describes the life of a man and his best friend who has the mentality of a child. Their friendship is very strong and over the years they have formed a strong bond and a powerful friendship. George, unlike other men in the novel has a companion and friend in Lennie, because of this, Lennie makes George feel special. They are different from all the others, and George sees this special bond between them. Even though George gets frustrated by Lennie's mental weakness, he feels compassion for his friend. Through thick and thin with problems along the road we can see how these two friends work through their problems and how their actions make them good friends. George Milton and Lennie Small are the two main characters in the novel. They are like two halves of each other. George takes Lennie under his wing and takes care for Lennie; he tells Lennie positive thoughts and how someday they will…show more content…
She is very lonely and sits down with him in the hay to talk. In the process, she realizes that he's pet the puppy too hard and killed it. Oddly she asks him to stroke her soft hair and then suddenly demands that he stop as she is afraid that he will mess it up. As she moves her head sideways and starts screaming at him, Lennie responds in his usual way when he gets scared: he holds on tightly. Before long her neck is broken and she's dead in his hands. Curley her husband, swears immediate revenge on Lennie, and takes off after him with a shotgun. George quickly finds Lennie first in a hiding place near the Salinas River. Curley's voice, and that of the others are heard getting nearer and nearer, George sits with Lennie, asks him to look across the river, slowly raises a pistol behind his head, and once again says their American Dream: "We gonna get a little place...An we'll have maybe a pig an' chickens...Gonna do it' me. Ever'body gonna be nice to you. Ain't gonna be no more

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