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Frank Chin talks about how, in the Woman Warrior, the story of Fa Mu Lan was many part of the story was made up for he believes that this is a popular stereotype for Hollywood and white America (Chin pg. 28). He doesn’t think that a non-Chinese author should not write about Chinese culture as if they know what they are talking about. He claims that Maxine Kingston was making the stories of her family up while telling the story of her aunt, and made up what her mother was going through during the time of her being in the surrogate mother school. Chin’s main critique on the book is that he believes that the stories distorts actual Chinese history and speaks for all Chinese people even though one person is writing the story (Wong pg. 33). This gives the audience of a more romantic view of what a Chinese person is and what a Chinese person has gone…show more content…
The readers may or may not know where the authors come from, so the readers try to understand the history that they were not raised in. In the story, The Woman Warrior, she is trying to understand what really happened to her aunt yet she states that she has not asked for real details of what really happened to her aunt (Kingston pg 16). People know that the story is a superstition, but the story as a whole taught Maxine a valuable lesson about sexuality. Her stories may be fiction but she never stated that they were facts about the Chinese history for it is based on the culture she grew up in. In No Name Woman, we noticed that even though her mother told the story, the mother never wanted Maxine to tell the story to anyone (Kingston pg.15). For all we know her mother told Maxine this story to try to protect her from sexism and violence from men. This shows symbolic feminism through narrative

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