Soccer Vs Football Research Paper

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Many people think football and soccer have nothing in common, nut in reality there are many similarities. There are also many differences also. In football, there are eleven people playing at once. The same goes with soccer. In soccer there’s an offense and defense. In football there is an offense and defense and some players that do both. While playing soccer you play offense and defense, just like in football. Another similarity is that there is a goalie in soccer which is the person trying to stop people from scoring and they are the last resort, and in football there is a safety which try’s their hardest to stop the other team from scoring, they are the last resort. Just like the goalie is the last resort in soccer. Another similarity…show more content…
While playing football, you need to wear, a helmet, shoulder pads, knee pads, and thigh pads. But in soccer you only need to wear shin guards for padding. The reason for that is in soccer you aren’t allowed to hit people with your shoulder. Also you aren’t getting tackled in the knee or thigh so you don’t need protect your thighs or knees. While playing football, you need to protect your thighs and knees. Another difference is there are a lot of instances where the clock stops during a football game but not as much during a soccer game. One way to stop the clock in football is to run out of bounds. In soccer if you go out of bounds the clock keeps going. During the football game if you call a timeout the clock stops, but in soccer there are no timeouts. So while playing soccer there aren’t as many instances where the clock stops so it’s a faster paced game than football. A football is pentsphere, while a soccer ball is a sphere. The ball shape is very important because the quarter back of the football team can’t throw a spherical shape as far as a pentsphere. And you can’t kick a pent sphere with control like you can with a sphere. A football has laces so that you can throw it much easier and so you can grip it when you throw. A soccer ball doesn’t need laces because you don’t need to throw it (unless you’re the goalie but you throw it differently than a quarter back

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