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Congratulations on being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. I believe you should be very familiar with the Texas Legislature as you have served as a member of the Texas Legislature for eight years. However, the U.S. Legislature in Washington D.C. is structured very different than the Texas Legislature while having minor similarities. I would like to list some of the similarities and differences between these two legislatures to help you in the transition as the Congress has changed over time and thus, to help develop your Home Style. The modern Congress is a reformed Congress (Shaw, 2015:2). The power of the House of Representative was held in the hand of the Speaker in the early 1900s. However, a resolution was introduced by George…show more content…
Legislature. The size of the Texas Legislature is much smaller than that of the United States’. While the U.S. House of Representatives has 435 members and the Senate has 100 members, the Texas House of Representatives only has 150 members and the Senate has 31 members. Texas Senate members are elected to serve a four-year term while the U.S. Senators are elected to serve a six-year term. The sessions of both legislatures are also different. Being the biggest and the most important legislature in the country, the term of the U.S. Congress is divided into two sessions, each session is a year. And for the Texas Legislature, being a smaller legislature, operates a biennial system, meaning meeting once every other year, and has a maximum duration of 140 days for a regular session. It is also important to know the budgeting differences between the two legislatures. While the Texas Legislature passes a biennial budget, the U.S. Congress passes a one-year budget. The Texas Legislature needs to remain a balanced budget as the Texas Constitution prohibits the legislature to run a budget deficit but the U.S. Congress can have budget deficits. This would affect the passing of bills as they may not have enough funds required for the passing of bills in the Texas Legislature. Budgeting of the U.S. Congress may not be a problem as big as it is in the Texas…show more content…
Congress. In 2012, 90% of the members of the House of Representatives and 91% of the Senators who ran for re-election won (Shaw, 2015:6). This shows a high rate of re-election of incumbents. There are some reasons that make it easier for the members of the Congress to run for incumbents, such as name-recognition, raising money and support from partisans. Those members have already built up their reputation while they were serving in the Congress, therefore, people could recognize their contributions and service when they run for re-election and vote for them. Moreover, incumbents tend to raise much more money than the other first time candidates in the elections. This creates a great advantage for the incumbents as they can spend more on promoting their campaign in different ways. Thus, the incumbents also know where their partisans are, so they tend to run in the districts where there is a great distribution of partisans who support them (Shaw, 2015:7). It is important to know the advantages of being an incumbent as you may face them in the Congress and in the future if you are running in a

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