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Interview Marriott Courtyard hotels are a global lodging company operating in 122 countries with the headquarters at Bethesda Maryland Washington DC. The chain of hotels was founded by Allice Marriott and Willard in the mid-1900. Managing over 6000 properties through franchise and operation of hotels, corporate housing properties and timeshare properties the company managed to report revenue of 17 billion dollars last year. Here is an interview with one of the managers Bruce Hoffmeister, Global Chief Information Officer. Question; what is the role of a Global chief information officer Answer; my work entails providing an important interface between the ICT sector and the business. It includes some things; one is creating business value through…show more content…
It is a service industry that provides mental satisfaction rather than tangible goods. In this field, we treat quests in a convenient and a friendly way. It involves coming up with tailor-made solutions for the quest giving them the best experience possible for the few moments they spend with you. Question; what are the challenges you face in this…show more content…
More and more people are coming up with affordable solutions for the client it is our job to ensure that we stay on the right track towards the end goal of retaining the clients. With ICT sector that is ever changing and innovative, there is need to stay on top of things, and this is not easy. Question; how do you overcome these challenges All matters considered staying curious has helped me in ensuring that I find innovative solutions to the company. I also do a lot of market research to enable us to understand the market and offer tailor-made solutions. Question; describe a typical workday for a person in your position Answer; The first thing every morning is to check the emails, and the voice messages then prioritize the activities to work on during the day. It includes meetings to attend, checking the efficiency of the ICT systems and dealing with issues that come up during the day. I will also work on things like the ICT budget and plan to ensure they are in line with what is expected. Question; what are some of the lessons you have learned throughout your career. Answer; Team effort is very important especially in this industry. The different departments must come together to make the business successful. It requires everyone to play their role to the best of their

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