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Anthony Dee Dr. John Waters Biology 142 Fall 2014 TA: Jessica Olejnik Introduction: The human lives in a diverse world that is always changing. To ensure that forces outside and inside the body do not alter the internal body systems to any extreme lengths, the body uses a combination of positive and negative feedback loops to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is when variables in the body are monitored and regulated in order to stay stable. An example of the body maintaining homeostasis is when your body begins to exercise and exert energy. “During exercise, many systems are working to meet the body’s demand for oxygen, to aid in the removal of carbon dioxide waste, and to maintain a safe body temperature (near 98.6° F or 37°C),” (Waters…show more content…
The mean arterial pressure will increase, while exercising, and then will decrease at the end of the experiment during the recovery and resting portion. Hemoglobin saturation will decrease over the time of the exercise portion, and will increase slowly during the recovery period. All of these assumptions of whether or not something will decrease or increase are based off of the resting rates that were recorded before the experiment…show more content…
While they were running at 5 mph on the treadmill, every three minutes the experiment continued, we recorded the same measurements that were taken during the resting period, and also increased the incline of the treadmill. The only measurement that was not taken while the subjects were on the treadmill was the blood pressure due to the fact that it would be too difficult to successfully use a sphygmomanometer during the quick data collecting breaks. The blood pressure reading was taken before the exercise began and immediately after the exercise ended. Each subject stepped on the treadmill and walked for 3 minutes, proceeding this, all measurements were taken except for blood pressure. The speed of the treadmill was then increased to 5 mph, and after three minutes, the same measurements were taken, the incline of the treadmill was increased, and this continue to happen. Following the completion of the exercise portion, the subjects sat down and rested for 3 minutes, and then all data values were recorded

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