Summary Of Homeless: The Motel Kids Of Orange County

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The notion of living through poverty and suffering such as the children in Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County is unfathomable for some; and while they can express compassion for the children, they are simply unable to empathize with the desolate reality the children face on an achingly quotidian basis. A distinct degree of privilege is present in the lives of differing individuals, but regardless of where one stands on that spectrum, obtaining awareness of the struggles present in those around them can promote an incentive of working for positive change in the lives of the less fortunate. By fusing the power of awareness, education, improved living conditions, and enriching youth employment opportunities, the lives of the families within…show more content…
The mentality of the individuals within the motel are quite contrary to stereotypes. Despite financial instability having a detrimental impact on material comfort, the families continue to care deeply for one another. The parents express a sense of inspiration from their children and work fervently for an improved standard of living, taking up inconvenient night shifts just for a slight increase of pay per hour and keenly utilizing opportunities to save money. The parents were not drug abusers or willing to abandon their children, the mothers and fathers expressed care for their children. These families utilize their limited resources and still are unable to progress to preferable standards of living. This film resolutely refutes the argument that individuals living within insufficiently funded lifestyles chose their…show more content…
A curriculum built upon a foundation of support and inspiration is key for empowering the children to emerge from the cycle of poverty. The teachers working in Hope School admitted that it was evident some of the children attending were inclined to stray down an adverse life path. Some of the children acted in harmful manners simply because they wanted attention. Instructive efforts could be included with hopes to change the mentality of these students. Placing emphasis upon irrational behavior corresponding to worsening lives would be beneficial to their impressionable minds. Providing support in mental health concerns encompassing anger management, goal management, and social skills could aid in the future of the students. Sex education is also necessary in toxic environments where the children and teens may be pressured by their peers. An unwanted pregnancy would add to the exceedingly difficult process of progressing forward in an already scarce

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