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David Bowie was born David Robert Jones in 1947 in Brixton London. One of the most influential performers of our time has had a career that has spanned from the late 1960s, with chart topping Space Oddity in 1969 until his last recorded album in 2013. A highly influential and innovative performer his theatricality integrated some ground breaking innovations which broke the mould and laid the foundations for other artists to emulate ( Auslander, 2006). David Bowie pushed the boundaries of rock enhancing performances using makeup and much more. This was encapsulated in his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie was never one to conform to stereotypes. The public was responsive and he arrived on the music scene as an artist breaking new ground…show more content…
This, it has been observed did not enhance his creative output as it coincided with ongoing cocaine addiction with all the negativity which surround its use and lifestyle. Bowie fled Berlin and moved to the USA in 1980 which resulted in a reinvigoration of his career (Auslander, 2006). Many artists were openly frank in acknowledging how inspirational Bowie was in their careers. Madonna disclosed that the first concert she attended, against her parent’s objections, was a David Bowie concert which proved inspirational in her desired career pathway (Lindridge, 2015). He collaborated and was sought out by some greats of the rock scene, epitomised with David Bowie and Mick Jagger rendition of Dancing in the Streets. By way of example of the influence and respect that Bowie had on his contempories would be the group Visage. Visage was formed in the UK in 1978 fronted by singer Steve Strange (Lindridge, 2015). They achieved considerable success with the single Fade to Grey, released in 1980. The accompanying video was derived, it could be argued, from the influence of David Bowie. Androgynous, innovative make up, lavish costuming, in black and white all the hallmarks f of David Bowie contained within its production in 1980, peaking at no 8 on the UK charts (Lindridge,

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