Homeless Veterans Research Paper

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After coming home from active duty, veterans can suffer from many things. Veterans can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, injuries, and many other things relating to depression. This suffering can cause veterans to be different people from when they left home. Veterans have suffered greatly while serving their country and when and if they return home, they may be returning to a different kind of battle. When veterans return home from active duty they are expected to be repaid for their duties by either financial assistants, physical therapy, or mental therapy to help them to recover after they return from war. Veterans usually receive help after the war from the VA, Veterans Affairs medical facility, but sometimes it just isn’t enough. The VA is responsible for helping programs of veterans, their families, and survivors. Many veterans end up in financial debt due to not being able to obtain a job because of injuries and they frequently end up homeless. The…show more content…
The number of appointments that take longer than ninety days to complete has almost doubled. Close to 894,000 appointments at VA medical facilities failed to reach the health system’s time goals. Adding another reason that outside help is needed to help our veterans. (CBS News). There are roughly 200,000 homeless veterans in America. The veterans who suffer the most are those who serve under twenty years, which is the minimum amount needed to receive pension and retire benefits (Greg Smith). Most of America’s homeless veterans are mostly male between the ages of thirty and sixty. Around eight percent of homeless veterans are female. One in one hundred fifty veterans were accounted for being homeless in 2010, along with one in ten veterans living in poverty (Supplement Report). Almost half of our homeless veterans served in the war during

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