Symbols In The Lottery Research Paper

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Symbolism is something the represent a mining. You can use symbolism in many different ways. Symbolism are use in math and reading. For example 3 + 6 = 9 the symbolic is the (+) the plass sigh is us to add both numbers. They are other things that have a symbol like names, animals, and another things. Like alondra symbolic a bird. The story “The Lottery” is a story about evil, death, Christianity and good and bad people. The story talks about people that have to close their eyes and get a paper. The paper have a name of other people but when they say the the name the means all the family not just one person. The lottery it just a hours so people could do what they need to do in the day. The lottery is a tradition and is one time at June 2nd every year. In the story…show more content…
The lottery change people life because if the name of one of the presents gets of they have to do what they want. They have to do it even if they want or not. The color black is a symbol of the lottery box. It represent that people is going to be evil or is going to died. “Shirley Jackson” argues is a universal symbol for evil and death”. In the story a stoning is a symbol of weapon. A stone is use as a weapon because they murder people. “shmoop” declares also significant as murder weapons because the first human tools were made of stone.” The stoning represents biblical. Because the depend in a traditional game. Bright tube education “points out” in addition the story of Jesus stopping a stoning whit the words “he who is without sincust the first stone” is one every one knows at least indirecty” Stoning is a symbol of community. They use the people of the town to make rituals and they don’t respect human life or fallings. “Fluming her” Camacho6 Insists stones as symbols to emphasize that a cold and in humane loss of respect for human life comes as a result of me chemically carrying out

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