Homeless Veterans Research Paper

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Veterans are highly regarded in American society and are often honored with medals and awards for their bravery. But how do those awards explain 180,000 veterans sleeping on the streets each night (National Coalition for the Homeless)? How do those actions show our respect for those people who would have died to keep us free? Veterans play an important part to American history and to our future. Not only have they protected Americans’ freedoms and individual rights, but they also have paved the way for other service members. They act as role models, fighting dutifully for their country and they pass along a sense of patriotism to the next generation of soldiers. The primary mission of the US military is to defend the United States and its interests (military.com). It protects American freedom and the Constitution. Each veteran had one idea in mind as they served on a boat, in a war, in a plane, or behind a desk: keep America safe and protect the American people. One man, Second Lieutenant Lee Miller states, “While soldiering is my passion, the preservation of…show more content…
The awards they are given do not help them transition from the military world to civilian life, find a job, or find housing. 85% of these veterans have a high school diploma or a GED and almost 90% received an honorable discharge (National Coalition for the Homeless). If veterans are so honored in American society, why are efforts to help these veterans so unsuccessful? It is mainly because the programs created to help are limited in space and funding. For example, the Grant and Per Diem program, which provides shelter and two-year transition housing, only funds 8,000 beds per year. Most programs that have the ability to end homelessness for veterans are severely underfunded, although efforts are being made to increase funding (National Coalition for the

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