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Blindness is defined as, “the inability for the human eye to detect light and process visual stimuli”, but in King Lear, by William Shakespeare, it has a different meaning. In the play, Blindness does not only include physical inability to see, but as well, mental inabilities, which some characters possess. King Lear, Gloucester and Albany are characters that make up the parallel plot of the misfortune caused by their lack of mental blindness. The three characters go through similar situations, and suffer from their bad choices Lear, Gloucester and Albany all feel horrible of what was done at the end. Lear’s, blindness is not a physical problem; instead it is a flaw that he possesses. In addition, Gloucester’s is inconsiderate because of his…show more content…
Gloucester was like Lear in the sense he was unable to see which of his children truly loved him. His blindness led him to think that Edmund his legitimate son was more loving, and that Edgar was the evil son planning to kill him, when actually is was the reverse. As Edmund copies a letter hypothetically written by Edgar, saying that Edgar is trying to kill his father. Gloucester is instantly convinced that the letter was written by Edgar and not once was thinking Edgar could be behind this whole situation. Unlike Lear, Gloucester’s has clarity when Cornwall takes his eyes out. From then on, Gloucester began to see more clearly. Using his heart and knowledge Gloucester realizes at the end of that Edgar was the good son and that he saved his life while hidden as Poor Tom: “I have no way and therefore want no eyes;/I stumbled when I saw.” (IV.I.21-22) At this time Gloucester’s vision finally clears up. Gloucester realizes how blind he was before he got his eyes pulled out and how he lacked understanding when he was physically able to see. He then realizes that while he was physically able to see, he realized he couldn’t really see. Therefore he doesn’t need eyes to see and understand, he can see things clearly through his…show more content…
Albany’s blindness was purely a result of the love for Goneril. Besides her evil acts, Goneril is disloyal to Albany which he is unaware. Albany does not speaks his mind and saw from the sidelines when Goneril commits multiple evil acts. When Goneril forced Lear to cut his army so he could stay in their castle, Albany complained: “I cannot be so partial, Goneril, to the great love I bear you.” (I.IV.301-302) Albany’s dedication to Goneril blinded him from her evil side, his inability to see how mean and greedy Goneril was. That was after she told Lear a bunch of lies and then banished him from their home. This show you how much Albany loved Goneril. In addition Albany was blind when Goneril was cheating on him and how she was planning to kill him. Luckily, Edgar came across a way to fix Albany’s

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