How Does British Rule Affect Australian Culture

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Emmerly Tan Xin Yin Mr. Matthew Humanities G8 26/11/14 How has British rule impacted various aspects of the culture in Australia? Australia's political needs conducted within a framework of federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Australians elected MPs to Australia, a bicameral body, which uses a fusion of administrative elements inherited from Westminster system, and powerful federal Senate of the Federal Parliament, by the US Congress. Australia primarily as a two-party system, the voting is mandatory. Australia's system of government is based on the liberal democratic tradition. Based on religious tolerance, freedom of expression and association, the rule of law and freedom of the values, institutions and the Australian…show more content…
This term comes from Palace of Westminster, the seat of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The system is used to operate a series of legislative programs. It is used or to be used once, in national legislation and most of the Commonwealth and former Commonwealth countries local government legislature was granted responsible government, between 1855 and 1890 the first in Canada in 1848 Australia began six provinces and colonies. Australia’s political system is based on the Westminster system used in Great Britain. In essence, taking into account the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy in the country, the name of the system such as the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand use. Australia became part of the British Empire in 1770, when James Cook mapped the east coast, saying it was the British and named it "New South Wales." However, it did not fully become part of the British Empire, until the British came back, made a more positive claims landing of the First Fleet in 1788, but the name "New Holland" by William Dampier western half of the continent, is no British claim until 1828, when it was incorporated in New South Wales. Australia's use of English as an outdoor prison as their full overcrowded. Britain took the gold medal, wool and other materials and resources from Australia. Britain put the rabbit and English Australia. Australia never really separated…show more content…
They were the result of a huge British arrival in Australia. When Captain Cook visited in the late 18th century, it is estimated there are about 750,000 indigenous people. By the 1920s, this figure was about 90 percent decline. Aboriginal and violent conflict between the early settlers. However, most people died of the disease, the Europeans brought to Australia, and the gradual acquisition of Aboriginal land farms and settlements caused. Britain's farming methods, such as using a wire fence, disrupting the traditional way of life in Australia has led to more violence between British colonists and indigenous people. Introduction of sheep and rabbits destroy their environment, their food sources and hunting grounds. Aborigines who often kill settlers trespassed into "their land. Many Aboriginal migration to cities and towns, trying to make a living here, they suffer discrimination and disease, alcoholism is a particular problem. British Governor and Australian officials are generally less harsh on immigrants than the indigenous British descent. Prior to the transfer of the direct rule of the British in Australia in 1901, Aboriginal treatment did not

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