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Under the old and traditional American administration, the students are attended to a strict private school, Welton Academy, where is a rigorous, inflexible school. It do not encourage students to think for themselves, foster their interests or specialty but just let them be accustomed to simply memorizing the information. Until the teacher Mr. Keating’s coming, he uses his own teaching methods and let them call him captain, to let them throw away the ancient education’s way to stand on his desk, to tell them their fates are held by themselves and friendship between them. Keating tells his class he was also a student at Welton himself many years ago. And he first takes the boys out in the hallway to the school's displays cases containing artifacts of the school's sports achievements. He tells them that they all have the potential to become powerful individuals, and they are responsible for what their futures will hold. These two actions show his difference from the other teachers because no other teacher would commit the actions he does. Also, he tells the boys they may call him "Oh Captain, my Captain", if they dare. These examples of Mr. Keating's teachings show the boys how to think for themselves. Mr. Keating then tells the boys "Carpe Diem", which is Latin for "seize the day".…show more content…
Keating finds such mathematical criticism ridiculous and instructs his pupils to rip out the essay which is one of three ways that he demonstrates freedom of expression and non-conformity. When some students hesitate, he tells them "this is not the Bible. This is a battle, a war. You will have to learn to think for yourselves." He later has the students stand on his desk as a reminder to look at the world in a different

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