Christianity Vs Hinduism Research Paper

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Christianity and Hinduism, both dominant religions with many adherents yet both religions share a broad spectrum of differences and similarities. Christianity was originally derived from Judaism, knowing Jesus Christ was a Jew, the religion is primarily based around the life, the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a monotheistic religion, meaning the belief in one God. The Christian belief comes from the bible, they believe the bible is a direct word from God. Christians believed that Jesus Christ and his presence in the world was a fulfilment in the Old Testament, he’s denoted as a Messiah to save humanity from their sins. Hinduism is quite different; it dates back to the English colonial rule but the traditions are way past 5000 years old.…show more content…
Hinduism places its belief in karma, known as “the law of cause and effect” and each and everyone creates their own destiny by their actions. While they are different, they still share the strong similarities that shape every religion , Christianity and Hinduism both follow a written text, pray and want to be one with god , they also demonstrate the worshiping of one God making them both monotheistic (Hinduism being considered polytheistic because of the many forms of Atman), yet they will still have their differences, that being their philosophical goals, their means of salvation and life after death, Hindus will go through a constant cycle of rebirth until enlightenment is reached while Christians, you spend an eternity in Heaven or

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