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“People like to come up to me and tell me I got nice ink. Except these tattoos aren’t decorations. Every tattoo I have tells its own story about who I am. Drug-Free. Honor. And war a against the system.” This quote means that he has dedication to every thing he has done and accomplished. He also has a great dedication for his career and his hometown sports teams. He has a tattoo on his abdomen that says “Straight Edge” on his knuckles he has “Drug-Free.” He has a tattoo for every friend he has, he honors his friends. The war against the system as in anything political or something he can change in the business he works in. CM Punk was an important figure in history because he told people to just say “No” to drugs, smoking and alcohol. Almost…show more content…
In about to months you can hate him for what he did, the next month you can cheering your head off and makes you forget completely what he has done just a few weeks before. It’s a great thing to have in that business and it makes many people look up to him that are just starting in WWE. I can try to apply all those lessons about never giving up, just say “No” to drugs, and just say the truth, don’t lie. I look up to this person because he tells the truth, he is straight edge, and he has this way about speaking that captivates people to listen to what he’s says, that’s an amazing ability to have especially when you're talking to about 14,000 plus people at each arena and millions around the world. I want to be able to have the speaking ability, being able to make stuff up at the top of my head, and to talk to millions around the world while 14,000 plus cheer, boo, or are completely quiet. That’s an ability I wish I had it would be amazing to talk to all those people so easily. That’s why I like CM Punk he has had an amazing career he should be proud of like many of his fans

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