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Introduction Heat is a form of energy that is associated with the moment of molecule in the material. This is often measured in temperature. Heat is only transferred when there is difference in temperature between two materials. Heat is basically transferred by three methods- 1. Convection 2. Radiation 3. Conduction Heating or Cooling of various substances such as gases liquid or any other matter has a great industrial application around the globe this process of heating and cooling is related industries like paper, textile, air conditioner, power plant, chemical industry. A heat exchanger is a machine made for efficient transfer or exchange heat from one substance to another. Let’s assume that the material used is fluid, and then fluid could be a liquid, such as oil, or could be oxygen. In a typical heat exchanger energy is transferred in all three way conduction…show more content…
These are mainly used for high pressure application. The few places where these types of heat exchanger used are – • Nuclear power stations • Ocean & thermal…show more content…
The area inside the shell and outside of the tube is called shell side. The shell also has an inlet and an outlet. Tube bundle and can be made up of several types of tubes such as plain, finned, etc. the tubes are used to prepare separate flow path each end of the tube open into a head. The area inside the inward flowing head, out ward flowing head and between the tubes is called the tube side of the heat exchanger. The head also contains an inlet and outlet. The end of the tube is supported by tube sheet. Tubes are supported inside the head by support called baffles. Baffles also help in increasing the efficiency of the heat exchanger which is very necessary for any industrial

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