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Dionysus is the Greek god of festivities and alcoholic beverages. There are two different stories on how Dionysus is portrayed... Homeric Hymn 7 recounts a descriptive passage on how he was kidnapped by the fact eventually depicting the character of Dionysus as an eventual savior. The other versions of his origin and relationships with Pentheus told by Ovid in metamorphoses, whereas is depicted in more of a narrative and dialogue manner that reflects upon the events that took place in order for Dionysus to be renown as the god of many divinities. The Homeric Hymn to Dionysus 7 tells how pirates, seeing the good looking dark haired Dionysus on the shore, assumed him to be the son of a king and carried him off on their ship. When they tried…show more content…
One of the men realized that they had tried to capture a god, but his warnings of terrible consequences went ignored by the commander of the ship. Eventually Dionysus declared his true identity as a mighty god and shows how powerful he really is. This poem offers a strong and descriptive interpretation of Dionysus’ power and the vital characteristics of his worship and how the gods can be vengeful but also comforting at times. The Homeric Hymns are structured in a poetic way to sort of romanticize the story. The poem gives geographical information on the territory, with a certain pedagogical approach. For instance, Dracanum is a hill on Icarus Island, near Samos, while Naxos is one of the Cyclades Islands and Alpheus is a river of Elis, being all of them Dyonisian cult regions. The myth told by Ovid is transformed into a different story in order to create a narrative structure with concise argument for discussion and state the fact that Dionysus was the Son of Zeus, and the consequences of the relationship between an Immortal and a mortal. In this case it results from the jealousy experienced by the legitimate wife of Zeus, Hera. The second story altered by Ovid narrates King Pentheus of Thebes’ denial towards the

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