John Winthrop's Sermon

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In 1630 an Englishman John Winthrop a Puritan set sails on a ship Arbella to North America. Travelling towards North America he wrote a sermon for the people whom he was leading to provide spiritual guidance to them. Since he was chosen the governor he intended to work his way through to the people with his words that were focused, challenge and would inspire the people. Winthrop’s words have offered insight into the dreams and goals of the people he led to a better future. Everyone travelling with Winthrop on the voyage from Europe to North America had one paramount concern; the issue of survival. Facing the waves of the deep sea every soul carried a deep and strong religious belief that would be reflected in the upcoming new establishment of a governing body. Winthrop’s sermon is now known as “A Model of Christian Clarity” which is a complete reflection of the Puritans beliefs that focused on the combined works of church and state. The model explains the reasons behind the Puritans beliefs. Winthrop acknowledges that a natural separation does exist between human communities but he believes that God has created this difference for people to come closer and unite through love for each other.…show more content…
His sermon begins with the warning that the people must ensure to set up a Godly state, that there will be failures but God is with them and by making all their efforts can they achieve glory. The sermon further focuses on selfless qualities showing mercy and kindness to the people. Having equality of wealth where everyone flourishes not the kind where some live in luxury and other starve to death. They will live as one knowing the pain of others as their own in order to create a community with a natural order, where the religious faith will not be forced on anyone instead it would be evolved by giving hope and

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