Personal Narrative: The Civil War

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July 9th, 1861 As I woke, I began to meticulously restore back my energy, but still found myself weak. I was wounded on the side of my right shoulder. I carefully got up with a numb feeling of my feet. The sun was setting, until a glimpse of sunlight gazed upon my eyes. I sighted a path of grave; wherever I turned I saw dead men all around me. Buckets of blood spilled over the dead bodies. Bullets clearly visible, scattered at the ground. I began to realize how lucky of a survivor I was, I have been from the start. In the end, it all comes down to this. It was no surprise that people were going to die, but we all believed we’d be living a day where we tell our tale. I just had to survive….. July 11th, 1861 The civil war was an act of cruelty,
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