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Victor Jara an influence to the chilean community and his solutions in facing the injusticeness of many nations This essay is about Victor Lidio Jara Martinez, a Chilean folk singer, political activist, and member of the Socialist Party of Chile, from the decades of the 1960s to 1970s. Victor Jara was an individual who overcame many obstacles of exploitation, living through his life trying to help others with his talented art of poetry through his voice and guitar. He became known to be the most influential musical figure in Latin America, due to his compassion and drive of justice to the nation. Jara was a legacy in South America. However, the end of his life ended in a tragic genocide in 1973 where the power of dictatorship came to a rise and a downfall to a democratic first Socialist country in Chile. This essay is going to go over the obstacles Victor Jara had to struggle in his life and the alternative artistic paths he chose to take to find the way to overcome the corruption and exploitation. As Jara himself and the chilean people faced with exploitation. In addition to what were the effects that Jara had to cope with the Christian Democratic Party, and how his legacy lives with the Chilean community till…show more content…
Jara's songs were without any attempt to disguise unpleasantness, yet inspiring. He didn't just sing about exploitation, poverty, and imperialism, but he sang about the power of the working class resistance. Influencing many artist’s but also young college students nationwide. There were two college students from the United States that were studying abroad. These two students were Phil Ochs and Jerry Rubin. “They wanted to see the miners condition of how they worked and help them. They proclaimed that they wanted to go to the mine to show their support for the miners and maybe sing a few songs to tell them that many Americans condemned the policies of the US

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