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Women in Egypt were considered to be higher in status than any other Ancient Civilisation. Despite this women were no allowed to be king; yet this is exactly what Hatshepsut did. Hatshepsut was recorded as the first great woman who ruled Egypt. Although she was the first great woman Egyptians Although she was the first great woman in history, the Egyptians obliterated her memory so that later pharaohs such as Ramses || and Cleopatra would have been ignorant at the fact that Hatshepsut had even existed. Hatshepsut dressed as a king, even wearing a false beard, but it was said to never be her intention to pass herself off as a man; instead she referred to herself as a female falcon. During Hatshepsut's reign over Egypt the economy flourished; she expanded the trading relations and even dispatched a major sea-born expedition to the land of punt, on…show more content…
Tutmose ||| took his rightful place on the throne due to being married to Hatshepsut's daughter who had suffered an early death. The circumstances of this are unknown. Tutmose ||| inherited an already economically strong country from Hatshepsut, the foundation on which greatness was built. With Tutmose's military training he was able to bring what was unimaginable wealth to Egypt and made it the first Ancient super power. Hatshepsut was one of the most successful Pharaohs. She reigned for the longest to me of and woman. What had happened to Hatshepsut was a mystery until recently, upon the discovery of her tomb. "Dr. Zahi Hawass quoted, My research has always been connected with the Old Kingdom pyramids. I never thought that I would go to the Valley of the Kings. However, I began my career as a young archaeologist 35 years ago on the west bank of Luxor and have many good memories of that time. Last year, I made a visit to the Valley of the Kings, specifically KV20, the tomb of Hatshepsut, as well as KV60 in order to search for the mummy of this great

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