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For my historically biographical paper I chose to write about Harriet Tubman. She was an African American woman who escaped from slavery in the South in 1849. She became a leading abolitionist right before the Civil War. Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 in Maryland. She helped lead many people to freedom in the North. Many people considered her the most famous conductor on the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was a secret tunnel of safe houses used to secretly help set many African Americans free. Harriet Tubman’s birth name was Arminta Harriet Ross and her nickname growing up was “Minty”. Her parents were both slaves owned by two different people in Maryland, who eventully married each other. Leading to them giving birth to Harriet Tubman at sometime between 1808 and 1832. Harriet Tubman’s mothers name was Harriet “Rit” Green and her fathers name was Ben Ross. She was one of 9 children.…show more content…
Three of her sisters were sold to far plantations to serve the family, separating her and her siblings. A trader tried to buy Harriet’s younger brother Moses and her mom fought back upset because she did not want her family separated anymore than it already was. She could barely stand the fact that she had already lost 3 daughters to the trade. Her mothers strength to stand up for her brother amazed her. Harriet Tubman and her family experienced a lot of physical violence through out their daily life by their owners, many of these incidents even cause permanent injuries from whipping. Many that left scares on her back for life. When Harriet was young she was sent to a food store to get supplies and ran into a slave that was out without permission. His owner demanded that Harriet help seize his slave but Harriet refused. This upset the slaves owner so he threw a three pound weight at her head. From this Harriet Tubman suffered a life of seizures and narcolepsy ever

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