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Harriet Tubman is one of my favorite women in early American history, she was an African- American abolitionist, and a union spy during the civil war. She made about thirteen trips to save enslaved friends and family, using what is called the Underground Railroad. She later helped John Brown on his raid Harpers Ferry, and then later died. It all started when Harriet Tubman was born into slavery, she was born near Bucktown in Dorchester County, Maryland to Harriet Green and Benjamin Ross who named her Araminta, people are still unclear of her birth year some think that it was 1820, or 1822. It is unclear how many siblings she had, but “…she later recalled that she was left in charge of both a baby and another younger brother while her mother…show more content…
John Brown organized a raid on Harper’s Ferry, he wanted an armed slave revolt but his plan ultimately failed. He had asked Harriet and Fredrick Douglas to attend but Harriet could bot beciase she was sick at the time and Fredrick declined. During the Civil War Harriet still remained active as a cook and a nurse for the union army, she eventually met General David Hunter who said that all of the slaves in the Port Royal be set free, he made Harriet a scout and spy. Harriet led the Combahee River Raid, which liberated more than 700 slaves in South Carolina. She was the first women to led an armed assault in the Civil War. For two more years she worked with the Union army, until the confederate surrendered, then she went home to Auburn, New York. Even though she was famous, she was never stable financially; her friends and family periodically had to raise money to support her. She eventually remarried a man named Nelson Davis, in her later years she became active in the Women’s Suffrage movement. As she grew older her head injury became more and more painful, “She underwent brain surgery at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital to alleviate the pains and "buzzing" she experienced regularly” Harriet Tubman died of pneumonia in 1913, surrounded by her friends and family, she died the same year Rosa Parks was

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