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Makayla, Morgan, Vinny. 9/17/14 Citizen Kane, was written in 1941. The director and producer of the film was Orson Welles. Orson Welles also played Charles Kane, the main character. The screenplay was written by Herman Mankiewicz, and the cinematographer was Gregg Toland. Robert Wise was the editor and the music was by Bernard Herrmann. Some of the main characters were Susan Alexander Kane who was played by Dorothy Comingore, Emily Kane who was played by Ruth Warrick, Mr, Bernstein, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Leeland. Citizen Kane was set in New York City, New York. In the beginning there was a narrative of Kane’s life from when he first became a success. It shows him say his final words, in which he only said “Rosebud” and then dramatically…show more content…
It wasn’t well structured because it was all over the place and some of the scenes sequences didn’t make any sense. Even though a lot of the confusing pieces came together at the end, it was still hard to follow. There were a few symbols, they had the beginning with Kanes mouth saying Rosebud, and the snow globe. Then at the end there was the sled in the fire that put everything together. I think that the dialogue in the movie was bit confusing at times. In some parts they wouldn’t explain what was going on well enough so I would get lost or confused at certain points. I think that the main theme in Citizen Kane was losing your childhood. It showed this in multiple points in the film. For example, when Charles Kane gets sent away to become a gentlemen, that shows that his childhood is over and he has to start to become a man. Another example would be when Kane’s sled, Rosebud, gets destroyed in a fire after he dies. The sled being burned is also considered a symbol of his childhood being over. Another symbol would be when Kane looks at his snowglobe, it symbolizes his childhood. When he finds it, he suddenly becomes very angry; I believe that that means he realizes he is no longer a kid and needs to act more like an

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