Elesin Oba, The King's Horseman

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Elesin Oba, the king's horseman, comes into the market with his drummers and praise singers with him, and they discuss Elesin's plans to go over to "the other side." As Elesin has been talking some women have arrived, including someone named Iyaloja. When Elesin and the Praise-Singer take a break from their conversation the women begins talking to Elesin about how honorable he is. Elesin asks Iyaloja about her. It turns out she's engaged to Iyaloja's son, but since Elesin wants to get to know her better, he doesn't like this Eventually, Iyaloja decides that she will marry Elesin. In the bungalow of the District Officer Simon Pilkings and his wife, Jane; they wearing costumes for a mascruade that night. Amusa, comes in to tell Simon something,…show more content…
Although Jane did not want to go to the masquerade that night, Simon tells her to get her costume back on, explaining that he's as instructed Amusa to arrest the chief and lock him up to prevent the suicide. Amusa arrives in the market to stop Elesin's suicide. However, when Amusa and the group get there they are greeted by some women who demands that he leave. Elesin then comes in, he indicates he's now ready “to go to the other side” then, Elesin and the women begin to dance, the Praise-Singer starts talking to Elesin, and the drummers drum. Elesin falls into a kind of hypnotic state. A footman comes in with a note for Pilkings, which the Resident snatches and reads before the servant can interrupt Simon's conversation with the Prince. The Resident wants to know if something serious is going on, and Pilkings explains the ritual that Elesin and the others are participating in. Apparently the Resident has sent his aide to get Amusa for more details, so Simon sends his wife after the aide to follow up.After giving Pilkings a hard time for his handling of this situation and commanding him to keep things under control and file a report the next day, the Resident returns to the party. After all the men leave, Jane is standing there on her own when Olunde, Elesin's son, arrives. They are happy to see each other…show more content…
Thinking Olunde is to blame, he starts getting in his face and Jane eventually gets him to calm down.Then Simon comes back and is surprised to find Olunde there. He asks Jane to go get the aide-de-camp.Olunde tries to see his father's body before it gets cold, but Pilkings asks him to wait, since there were armed policemen outside. He says he'll send Olunde over to somewhere he refers to as "the place" with the aide-de-camp and some other men. The aide-de-camp comes back at that moment. Simon pulls him aside and asks him to get the keys to a cellar in the Residency's annex Then they hear Elesin yelling,Elesin runs in, He is surprised that his son is there. Olunde is angry,because his father failed to complete his duty, and tells Elesin that he doesn't have a father anymore. Olunde leaves, and Elesin is

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