Halal Logistics Case Study

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Background of study This research conducted in order to study about the ability of technology in halal logistics. This research will conduct in Johor. The company chosen for this research is a logistics company. This is because they provide very important services in logistics, which is transportation service. As we know, nowadays, Malaysia becomes the main centre of halal hub, as Malaysia is one of the Muslim countries where it is highlighting on the halal supply chain. It means, in the concept farm to fork, all the processes should abide the Syariah Law that is compulsory for muslim consumers. In fact, many company who not clearly explained about the halal compliance in order for them to get halal certification. ‘Halal’ word originated from Arabic word means permitted or allowable. Halal also is an action or things where it is allowable by Syariah Law or Islamic Law. Therefore, this kind of study should be done in order to facilitate Logistics Company to comply with the halal standard in order to get halal certification especially in transportation service based on MS2400-2010 vol1,2,3. As we know, Halal logistics is a way to prevent contamination of perishable, raw materials and food products during process of transportation or distribution activities.…show more content…
Besides, this study also will able to facilitate to develop the service of transportation to get halal certification by using a certain kind of technology. The other is it also will guide applicant of halal certification in order to know about the standard that need to be complied. So that, many LPS able to get halal certification as they use the technology which helps them to get more knowledge and clear guideline. As the transportation company get halal certificate, the demand from customer will be higher to get their services especially in transporting

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