Summary Of Michael Bloomberg's Soda Ban

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Since its introduction into the food industry, soda has been quite a popular drink. Recently, the product has been in some negative light in regards to obesity. In 2012, Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, introduced the banning of soda cups larger than sixteen ounces. A recent discussion of whether to ban sixteen ounce soda cups has played a part in deciding whether the obesity rate would be lowered or not. On one hand, many people argue that it would be the first step in decreasing the obesity rate altogether. However, on the other hand, many argue that banning soda cups larger than sixteen ounces will not stop people from consuming more than one cup of soda at a time, and it will not benefit in lowering the obesity rate. Although some…show more content…
Though people argue that the soda ban will help lower the obesity rate of children and teenagers, I believe that it will, as it is not the only reason why the obesity rate is high. John R. Lott Jr. in his article “Bloomberg’s Soda Ban” argues that “keeping such drinks out of teenagers’ reach during school hours may not be enough” (1). Just like adults, teenagers can buy soda from anywhere they wish to. I agree with Lott Jr. that soda cannot be taken away from school, as it will not stop students from consuming soda. Many children have poor eating diets due to the fact that they are not taken care of by their parents, which is one of the reasons for a high obesity percentage. Therefore sodas cannot be blamed, as it is not the only substance that holds a lot of…show more content…
They would also argue that after banning large soda cups will come benefits such as people will not suffer from health problems. Many people say that soda is the reason for heart problems and diabetes. People should be able to lead a healthy life, and minimizing the soda cups is not only way to do it. Though many people place soda for obesity, I would argue that soda is not the main reason for obesity. People who are worried about their health can start with limiting the consumption of sugary substances, as it is a personal choice to be healthy. Soda is not the reason as to why people bear health problems; there are many other reasons such as having a poor diet, and not exercising properly. Soda is not the primary reason for heart problem and diabetes, as it can also occur from the foods that one frequently consumes. People who are worried about their health, and wish to make a change, can replace a cup of soda with a cup of juice or water. Furthermore a soda ban is not the only way to limit the amount of sugar consumed by

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