Rappaccini's Daughter Compare And Contrast Essay

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In both of these stories, the main female characters are portrayed as the evil and sinful people. In “Rappaccini’s Daughter,” Beatrice is depicted as the evil temptress. This compares to the whole Garden of Eden mindset that people have, where Eve was the original sinner who disobeyed God by letting her tempts to eat the apple overtake her. Based off of the story of the Garden of Eve, men, have viewed other women as evil and somewhat untrustworthy. Although Beatrice may have been innocent and had good intentions, the toxins that Rappaccini had put into her represent a dark and evil side to her. In “Rappacini’s Daughter,” Beatrice kills any flower or plant that she touches and is therefore a danger to Giovanni. But, Giovanni, despite noticing irrational things occurring in the garden, is still seduced…show more content…
She is shunned and greatly embarrassed by and in front of Puritans who had very stringent guidelines over women and their rights. Though her immoral action becomes public, Hester was able to move forward from her guilty feelings. Also, this story coincides with the femme fatale archetype. After the affair becomes public, Hester is able to let go of her guilt, but Dimmesdale is so entangled by Hester in this situation that it is extremely challenging for him to overcome the immoral actions that occurred between he and Hester. Men sometimes view women as dangerous and as the people who create dangerous situations for others. As in this situation, Dimmesdale was so caught up in this perilous situation that many people would associate Dimmesdale’s hardships as being Hester’s fault. Overall, though, the themes of these two stories have to do with supposedly sinful women tempting men to join them and ending in some sort of hazardous and fatal situation in which men usually attribute to women’s inevitable behaviors as portrayed in Eve’s behavior in the Garden of

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