Comparing Incas And Inca Warfare

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Warfare is “The engagement in or the activities involved in war or conflict”. The Inca had a powerful army due to their tactics and a great inventory. Inca warfare demolished other civilizations because of their battle strategies, weapons and armory, and the way their utilized their armies. The Incas lived up high up in the Andes mountains to defend themselves from other civilizations. Since the Incas lived high up in the mountains they had an advantage over other civilizations. Because of their post, extensive roads, and battle grouping the Inca had a tactical leverage over their opposition. The Inca road system was similar to the Roman as they both used it for quick deployment of their army and to facilitate commerce. During the travel across…show more content…
The Inca had a great inventory for their army to use. The Inca soldiers carried several types of basic weapons, according to the ethnic group to which they belonged. For example, Chanca soldiers preferred the use of clubs, while Antisuyu which fought in a jungle terrain more often used the bow and arrow. Shields were used by higher ranked warriors. These shields were built from wood covered in leather and were either round, squared or rectangular in shape. Helmets were most often wooden. Special copper helmets were used by generals and high-ranked nobles and warriors, wood helmets could be used by regulars if they found them appealing and comfortable. Armor was mainly used by officers and noblemen. It would consist of thick and padded cotton tunics, with wooden plates for your back. Small and flexible, the Estolica, were mostly employed by the jungle troops. Slings were created with a normal-sized cord in which a projectile was placed (rounded stones were placed in this case). The projectile was thrown with a circular movement of the sling. Bolas or ayllos were two or three stones tied to the ends of a length of rope to be swung around your head and then thrown at opposition or prey. Spears mostly used by the Cuzco troops, all generals used them as symbols of might. Macanas were star-headed spears that were wooden. Usually, Macanas would have stars to have the biggest possibility of hurting someone. They were the most common weapons in the Inca inventory. The objects (usually stars) at the top of the weapon could be made of gold or silver depending on the ranking of the owner. Bow and Arrows were mainly occupied by jungle troops. Some jungle tribes used two metre long arrows capable of going through several enemies at once which also had the objective of frightening the enemy causing them to flee and back away. The Inca’s clubs were wooden, sometimes with spikes. Axes were

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