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HyeonSu Nam John T. Harrell Music 101-02 Research Paper Antonio Vivaldi Through the whole of history there were many periods of time. There many periods are all alike in some way because they all flow slowly and it called the Baroque period. He was ordained as a priest from his dad, but he chose to do music. He made hundreds of works and became famous for his concertos in Baroque style and became a highly influential innovator in form and pattern. He is recognized as one of the greatest the Baroque period composers and during his life, his influence was widespread across Europe. He is known by composing many instrumental concertos. For the violin and many of other instruments also sacred choral works and more than forty operas. A lot of his…show more content…
Vivaldi’s mother Camilla had baptized him because Vivaldi was born prematurely and he was not baptized in church until two months old. Giovanni Battista Vivaldi, Vivaldi’s father, was a professional violinist who taught Vivaldi to play well. Vivaldi met and learned from some of the outstanding musicians and composers in Venice. In 1693, he started studying to become a priest when he was fifteen years old, and when he was twenty five, he was ordained as one in 1703. Shortly, he had the nickname, ‘il Prete Rosso’, ’The Red Priest’. After his childhood, Vivaldi suffered from health problems and his condition did not stop him from learning the violin and…show more content…
Johann Sebastian Bach was influenced by Vivaldi. He transcribed six of Vivaldi’s concerti for three for organ, solo keyboard, and four harpsichords, basso continuo, and string based on four violins, cello, two violas, and basso continuo. His main idea was to create a music that people appreciated. The joyful of his music disclosed the joy of composing. These are causes of the huge popularity of his music and it made him soon famous. When Antonio was 25, he was called by master of violin at the Ospedale della Pietà in Venice. He made most of his major works in this point over three decades. The most talented musicians signed up for an orchestra that played Vivaldi’s works, including religious choral music. Under his leadership, the orchestra got international attention. In 1718, he was elevated to music director. Also, his choral and concertos, He wrote 94 operas and 19 of them are preserved, and had begun regularly writing opera scores about 50 by 1715. He had written around 500 concertos and it is said that Vivaldi invented the ritornello form. This shows

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