8th Juror Character Analysis

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One way the author develops the 8th Juror as a humble character is through his honest, down-to-earth realization about the actuality of the case. After an argument towards the beginning of the play, the twelve jurors decide it is time to take a small break. During this break, one juror attempts to make small talk with the 8th Juror. Their conversation leads to the case, and their opinions on it, and, after a question proposed by the other juror, the 8th Juror makes a humble realization. The following quote exhibits his realization: “6th Juror: ‘…Suppose you talk us all out of this and the kid really did knife his father?’ The 6th Juror looks at the 8th Juror for a moment, and then goes into the jury room. The 8th Juror stands alone for a…show more content…
He does not know, and never will” (30). This understanding the 8th Juror comes to is a humble realization. Through the part of the quote that states, “The 8th Juror stands alone for a few moments, and we know that this is the problem that has been tormenting him,” we can conclude that the 8th Juror had to take a moment to ponder what Juror 6 had proposed. The author shows he is humble by his action of standing alone before reentering the jury room. Although he may be confident while bringing up the arguing points, he isn’t confident to the fault of being boastful. He isn’t ready to jump right into action again, he isn’t rubbing it in that he has gained supporters, and he isn’t ready to continue. He is humble because he took the time to stand alone to think. Through the part of the quote that states, He does not know, and never will,” we can conclude that “this is the problem that has been tormenting him” from the previous statement. He knows that there is no way he will ever be able to know the truth for sure. He recognizes the fact that he is not all-knowing. He wasn’t there, he cannot justify the actions that may or may not have occurred between the boy and his father, and he has no more information than

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