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Gwendolyn Brooks Not all poets have had an easy life; however, poetry has influenced many in the world today. Gwendolyn Brooks was so inspired by poetry that as a teacher she encouraged her students to become writers by exposing them to different types of literature (“Gwendolyn Brooks.” Famous). Brooks herself wrote over 20 books of poetry (“Gwendolyn Brooks.” Poets). Gwendolyn Brooks took the challenges she faced in life and turned it into her inspiration, making her a role model to people who still look up to her today. Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks was born on June 7, 1917 in Topeka, Kansas (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). When she was 6 weeks old, her and her family moved to Chicago, Illinois, during the Great Migration (“Gwendolyn Brooks.”…show more content…
Around age 16, she began submitting her work to a leading African-American newspaper called “Chicago Defender” (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). By this time, Brooks had published approximately 75 poems (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). Her work included ballads, sonnets, and free verse (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). Brooks also took part in poetry workshops including one by Stark. She made great strides during this period, gaining official recognition (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). In 1943, she received an award from the Midwestern Writers’ Conference for her work (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). Brooks published her first book of poetry, “A Street in Bronzeville,” in 1945. This book was an immediate success, leading to a Guggenheim Fellowship and other honors (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). In 1949, her second book, “Annie Allen,” was published (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). Brooks won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry for this book making her the first African American to win the coveted Pulitzer (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). One of her long poems, “In the Mecca,” was published in 1968 (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). It was nominated for a National Book Award in poetry (“Gwendolyn Brooks Biography.”). Throughout her life she received other honors such as: the poetry magazine’s Eunice Tietjens Prize (“Gwendolyn Brooks

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