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Writer, Annie Dillard, in her story, Seeing (1899-1870), argues that people need to learn to appreciate nature for its full value. She supports her claim by constantly comparing nature, and our views of it, to anything from pennies to the significance of lighting. Dillard’s purpose is to inform the reader of the fact that there is so much in nature that we don’t appreciate and take for granted in order to help the reader to understand the full beauty of the world, even the parts we don’t always get to see. She explains how every aspect of the world is beautiful in its own way, even if we don’t realize it yet, and how with just a little more effort we can be capable of seeing that beauty for ourselves. She establishes a contemplative tone for the reader of her story by explaining the many things we take for granted.…show more content…
She starts off by explaining how she would leave pennies for people to find when she was little. Well just like the pennies these little riches take place in nature as well. “The world is studded with pennies”, Dillard compares these events to pennies to stress the fact that no matter how insignificant something may seem, it may just be the highlight of someone’s day. Also, she uses this penny example to stress the fact that people don’t appreciate the small things in life. “Who gets excited by a mere penny?” Most people aren’t willing to give recognition to the smaller things in life, even if they could be valuable in some way. Dillard displays a very knowledgeable use of comparison to help open the eyes of the reader to start appreciating the little things in

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