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One evening I was wondering about how everyone wants the things that seem to be so perfect. Either we want something that is perfect or we want to be a perfect person but what we all seem to forget is that there is no such thing as perfect. Everyone and everything in the world is flawed, there is not one single person, place or thing that is flawless. When I was told that we would be watching a movie in class called Pleasantville, I thought to myself that this is going to be a boring movie about people with perfect lives. But as we started to watch this film I realized how fragmented and broken it is. This film begins with David and Jennifer as they enter the tv-sitcom Pleasantville and become Budd and Mary-Sue Parker. In the town Pleasantville,…show more content…
Many characters lacked individuality such as Betty Parker and Bill Johnson. The fear of change was not in all of the characters of Pleasantville, but the change existed in every single person they were afraid to accept it and act of it because of the disorder it would cause. Many new activities and things were introduced to the naïve townspeople such as sex, self-pleasure and colour, these immortal activities caused a lot of disruption between many relationships such as George and Betty and other married couples. This change caused many women to become independent and move away from the housewife title, Betty changed the routine and order when she engaged in sexual activities. Budd helps Bill change the order and this causes him to be open to the idea of alteration and adjustment. Bill becomes rebellious when he paints a colourful mural on the police department wall because the use of colours becomes forbidden by the mayor. Bill, who had an empty existence and lonely life, became one of the most important characters in Pleasantville because he accepted change even though he knew it would create chaos. Big Bob tried his best to stop the growth of change in the town, even with all of his efforts the power of change was undefeatable because it allowed people to stand up for themselves and it let them find their true self. The fear of change existed within characters in Pleasantville because they were afraid of the chaos it would create and this was demonstrated by the utilization of minimal aesthetics. This shows that utopian worlds can only exist in our imaginations, fantasies and thoughts because nothing is as perfect as it

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